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Since its founding Unilever has been on a mission to make cleanliness commonplace, believing one should not be denied access to cleanliness because of their housing situation. Last year Unilever announced their social mission, The Right to Dignity, to improve the health and well-being of people experiencing homelessness by supporting mobile shower organizations around the country to help provide reliable access to showers and other basic hygiene needs and services.

This year they have doubled down on the effort, launching The Right To Shower, their vegan, naturally derived, multipurpose head-to-toe cleansers. The brand has made a commitment to ensure that everyone has access to a shower every day by donating 100% of profits. The brand will partner with nonprofit organizations like Lava Mae that provide hygiene services to people living on the streets.

On any given day, more than half a million Americans are living on the street without regular access to clean, safe shower spaces. The Right to Shower believes access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right along with the hope, dignity, joy, and strength that can come from a single shower. We know that for people experiencing homelessness, access to regular hygiene practices can ignite their sense of dignity and improve their ability to feel accepted in their communities and by society. All of this unlocks opportunity—from feeling more ready for a job interview or to move freely and safely within society, to simply feeling human.

The Right to Shower is available on and Whole Foods.

Photo: via The Right to Shower

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