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Do you have a plan in place to handle the potential of a product recall? While a recall may never happen to your brand, in today’s digital world things happen fast, so having a protocol in your crisis management toolkit is wise.

While beauty products don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, their safety must be ensured. The FDA considers overseeing voluntary recalls as one of their most important safety tools. The administration has announced the issuing of new draft guidance for the initiation of voluntary recalls.

The FDA has three recommendations for being prepared in the event of a recall:

1. Training: Proper training of personnel is perhaps one of the most important elements to effectively executing a recall. The new draft guidance advises companies on ways to best identify and train appropriate personnel on their responsibilities during a recall, establish a recall communications plan, and identify what FDA reporting requirements there may be, among other things.

2. Record Keeping: Thorough and organized record-keeping and product traceability is crucial. The draft guidance advises companies on the importance of properly coding their products and maintaining distribution records in order to conduct the most effective recall possible.

3. Procedures: Written recall initiation procedures help to minimize delays created by uncertainty. For companies that initiate a recall, using initiation procedures can help reduce the amount of time a defective or potentially harmful product is on the market, and that in turn reduces the potential exposure to consumers. These procedures should clearly describe the appropriate actions to take when a decision is made to initiate a recall. They should also help ensure that necessary actions are not overlooked and may minimize the disruptive effect a recall can have on a company’s operations.

Read the complete FDA statement  for more information.

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