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Here are the people, places, and things that caught our attention in April. Inspiration can come from anywhere—take a moment and dig in.

1. AtmosWhile many subscribe to the “print is dead” position, I will forever remain a fan of reading hard copies of books, newspapers, and magazines. Atmos is a gorgeous new biannual magazine and weekly online newsletter covering culture through the lens of sustainability. Founder Jake Sargent is also the co-founder of Softmatter, a venture fund that makes early investments in sustainable consumer product companies.

2. The Last Straw: This initiative calls upon restaurants and consumers to stop using straws, pointing out that each one takes up to 200 years to biodegrade, causing irreparable damage. The project also collects straws in polluted areas to give them a second life as beehives for Son De Miel.

3. iSPA: No, this is not the spa trade organization, but rather Nike’s new philosophy and set of design principles—Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. Leaving design thinking in the dust, Nike’s blue sky and green field thinking has moved into improvising in tight spaces, scavenging existing materials, and adaptation.

4. Standard DeviationBusiness strategists-turned-environmentalists helping to shape a new sustainable economy creating a toolkit of  business strategy, customer engagement, and digital innovation to help small, medium, and growing businesses have productive and strategic conversations about sustainability.

5. Moschino x Sephora: The king of kitsch Jeremy Scott launched his second collaboration with Sephora at Coachella inspired by ubiquitous office supplies. and it does not disappoint. The collection drop happened on April 25.

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