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In an industry trend report, Influencer Marketing 2020, Fashion & Beauty Monitor in association with Influencer Intelligence explores how the influencer marketing landscape has evolved in 2018.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of consumers express a preference for influencers who create authentic, engaging content.
  • 90% of marketers say proving authenticity is critical to the future of influencer marketing.
  • 85% of marketers say engagement data is the biggest metric of success for influencer marketing.
  • Fake followers ranks as number-one concern within influencer marketing.
  • 61% of consumers aged 18 to 34 have at some point been swayed in their decision-making by digital influencers.
  • 100% of marketers agree that “relevance” is the most sought-after attribute in influencers.
  • Confusion continues to plague disclosure guidelines.
  • Proving the ROI of individual influencers is a big challenge for 84% of marketers.

Photo: George Pagan III via Unsplash

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