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The smartphone has become an extension of who we are and how we navigate the world in many respects, especially for millennial women.

“Our research shows the incredible degree to which smartphones are a millennial woman’s constant companion, a gateway to constantly connecting with her passion points and increasingly becoming her mobile wallet,” said Rob McLoughlin, VP, PopSugar Insights. “Marketers need to lean into the disruption these devices wield and deliver content and commerce offerings that seamlessly fit into her daily routine.”

According to a PopSugar survey shared with AdWeek:

  • Almost half of women ages 18 to 34 check their phones as soon as they wake up, another 36% check them within five minutes, and only 1% wait longer then an hour. 
  • 36% of older women check their phones immediately when they wake up, 31% check them within five minutes, and 4% wait long then an hour.
  • For many women, one device isn’t enough: 50% of women 18-24 have two devices; for other women the number is 43%.
  • One-third of women 18-34 have more then 50 selfies in their phone’s photo library.
  • For all women, their phone is their meteorologist, camera, navigator, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, news source, media player, and wallet.
  • Over one-third of women also use their phones to cook meals, plan trips, work out, manage finances
  • ,and shop for clothes.
  • 16% of women 18-34 say their phone is never off limits to them, while other women consider the bathroom, bed, church, family time, and the dinner table to be off limits.

See the infographic on AdWeek.

Photo: Matthew Kane via Unsplash

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