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With over 750 million downloads globally, Perfect Corp. is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators, and beauty brands interact together through AI and AR technologies. According to founder and CEO Alice Change, the future of beauty tech is the combination of AI + AR.

Here’s a sneak peek at Perfect Corp.’s newest advancements:

  • AI Beauty Assistant: AI deep learning combined with big data to create personalized look recommendations.
  • AI Product Recommendations: has the ability to recreate makeup looks from photo or real-life styles.
  • AI Spot Scan: a 3-sided facial diagnostic that can detect pimples, blackheads, and pigmentation.
  • AI Smart Shade Finder: can detect 89,969 human skin tones for shade match product recommendations.
  • 360 Degree AI Live Hair Color: provides insight into valuable customer details with real-time traffic monitoring and analysis.

“At the heart of all our innovation we have tried to remain true to our beauty consumer and make sure the solutions provided work for how she shops and interacts with products. Our approach to technology and innovation has always remained consumer-centric,” said Perfect Corp. founder and CEO. Alice Chang.

Photo: via Perfect Corp

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