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Jenna Page Owens has built a personal brand on the premise of sensibility and living in a way that makes you happy.  She believes “Let’s get in a few enjoyable workouts a week with the goal of feeling good. Let’s eat clean-ish, let’s be stylish but casual and let’s be good to each other.”

Jenna may be best known for taking to the airwaves as the host of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, but she wanted to take her connection with other everyday women like herself to the next level, and that is where Fitish comes into the equation. It has taken her years to learn about the importance of balance, and she believes balance is the key to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. And Fitish is the answer to that balance that’s needed.

BeautyMatter spent some time with Jenna to learn about how she’s built the Fitish brand.

What was the opportunity you saw in the marketplace that compelled you to launch a brand?

“Athleisure” has become such a big trend, yet there seemed to be nothing marketed towards fitness beauty in terms of skincare. Knowing the beauty space was crowded and I was just venturing into the market, I thought this could be a good differentiator to go after gyms and other athletic spaces. I knew that if a woman wore a product to work out, she would wear it all of the time.

How does social media inform your product development and packaging process?

Fitish is mainly direct to consumer because of the platform I have built from hosting a radio morning show. This provides a unique opportunity to bring the audience in on the process of building a brand and to gain information on what kind of products they want. For instance, with just 4 SKUs out currently and 3 on the way this year, our next launch in the pipeline will be a CBD face wash because it’s the most requested by our consumers.  Packaging and shipping materials are also very important since a lot of our customers are posting their unboxing to their social media and we reshare the content. Social media has made the entire package very important. We want items that photograph well and use names like “Dewing It” because they are fun to say.

Which ingredients or parts of the formulation give the products their efficacy?

As you can see from the before-and-after photos, CBD is the real deal. I learned the dirty secret of trace amounts when I first started this process and I said, no way would I jeopardize this fan base I worked a decade to build out of transparency and candidness. I used full amounts of CBD, despite it not being as cost-effective, I knew I had one shot at this. It has certainly paid off because of the high quality and full amounts of CBD are truly making a difference in people’s skin.

What is your distribution strategy for the brand?

Once I got back on track from selling out twice and having to wait a month or more for product, we finally decided to take the approach of manageable gym chains and hotel gyms and spas. I know from my fitness background that people are fiercely loyal to their workout studios and they tend to shop there when items are available. Going into small chains with 3/6/10 studios has been very effective. We are able to help promote their studios via our social channels while getting exposed to new passionate clients at a manageable rate of reordering.

How have you funded the launch of the brand?

Proudly, I am self-funding. I took an initial capital loan out to help place a larger order after the selling-out situation and the amount of time it took to get that fulfilled. Maintaining my current job hosting a radio morning show and keeping the business lean outsourcing anything I can, with no office space, has allowed me to keep putting all of my profits back into the business for now.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about launching a beauty brand?

Find your differentiator and hone in on that. For us, it’s all about the education of CBD, and it’s exciting to get people to warm up to the idea of a plant that used to be illegal, is now legal and one of the biggest healing components we’ve seen in skincare. These days, customers care more about what is IN their products. They want a full experience from the brand, to interaction with the owner, and we offer other elements we feel helps maintain that loyalty like group workouts, Fitish recipes, and monthly Q and A’s.

What’s your vision for the future of the brand?

Now that I’ve been able to expand to a few employees, I can finally do some of the things I’ve been wanting to do since the inception of Fitish. I started with workout programs to make enough money to launch the CBD skincare. Of course, we are now back filming workout series and have added nutritional recipes and, with a dietician on staff, we are going to sell customized meal plans for another revenue stream. By year’s end, we should have enough SKUs to launch a membership program in conjunction with the workout series and food guides. We are focusing on hotel spas and gyms as retail partners. My longer short-term goal is to get placement in hospitals.

What is the biggest change you would like to see in the industry and what are you doing to address it?

Of course for Fitish, it’s the full legalization and acceptance of CBD and the various healing cannabinoids. From credit card processing issues to a general lack of education and clarity about the plant, I would like to see this more widely accepted. However, there is an element of this that is exciting because by taking this risk early, I have been able to intensely focus on making an outstanding product while others are still waiting on the sidelines until more decisions are made. I have loved the opportunity to be a voice in terms of legislation surrounding CBD and cannabis, from speaking on panels and hopefully even speaking with the FDA. Having the national radio morning show gives me a platform most don’t have and I’m consistently able to speak about CBD casually, bringing a sense of normalcy and comfortability.

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