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Perfect Corp. is making artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty tech solutions available for small- to medium-sized brands through  “YouCam for Web,” a self-service subscription solution.

“The implementation of virtual try-ons has completely reimagined the way consumers shop for cosmetics and we are so excited to create a self-service platform that will expand YouCam beauty tech solutions to even more brands,” shares Perfect Corp. CEO and founder Alice Chang. “SaaS is the way of the future and YouCam for Web helps to cater to the growing needs of beauty tech solutions across all budgets.”

The new “YouCam for Web” service is powered by YouCam Makeup’s advanced facial recognition engine, providing brands the opportunity to integrate true-to-life AI and AR makeup technologies into their website shopping journey. Integrating this type of AR makeup try-on into e-commerce allows online shoppers to browse and try on a brand’s product virtually before they buy. By introducing YouCam’s virtual makeup try-on technology into the consumer shopping journey brands can boost consumer confidence, increase user engagements, click-through rate, and sales conversions for e-commerce, and furthermore decrease returns.

The new YouCam for Web service offers a free 30-day trial for brands to experience the benefits of virtual e-commerce try-on firsthand. The subscription-based service gives SMBs access to the Perfect Console, a private tracking dashboard where SMB businesses can easily set up, deploy, manage, and track analytics reports to seamlessly integrate AR virtual try-ons for their website. The new YouCam for Web services is a cost-effective, self-service solution to help small and medium businesses unlock these benefits of virtual AR try-on on e-commerce.


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