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Kimberly Bernard has always valued people and time (two things you can never get back once they’re gone), and so she created a brand that would honor both, and be anything but ordinary. Royal Luxx is a lifestyle brand with one mission—to unite women and empower them to live a luxury way of life. Since October 2018, Kim has been dedicated to creating a brand that focuses on beauty as more than your outward appearance. She believes in a sisterhood. A sorority lifestyle, full of authentic women all sharing their love for beauty.

Who is the consumer target for your brand and products? 

Women, of course! When I first created Royal Luxx, I was completely focused on creating an upscale beauty house. A place where all women could come together to serve other women. I wanted to unite women and empower them to form a community of acceptance and encourage them to leave their own legacy. I specifically wanted to reach out to the LGBTQIA community, and let them know that this sisterhood sorority life I was building was open to every one of them as well! You are welcome to be unapologetically you.

Tell us about your product formulation philosophy and development process.

From the moment I wanted to create this luxury brand, I knew I needed a team that would be able to support my mission completely. I found Posh PR, a boutique public relations agency that specializes in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands worldwide. From their mission, I knew they were focused on helping other women build the life they’ve always dreamed of living, and I was interested in their ability to create a brand and help further my goals! We worked through my ideas of not only being a CEO who funds her business, but who is a crucial part of the business and its work. I want to be one of my own brand ambassadors, wearing my products and educating everyone about them! We discussed the ins and outs of how to do that, how to successfully run the right campaigns in social media marketing, built a new brand identity, and focused on my ideal client. I knew that my brand needed to reach out to women of all races and kinds, and let them know that this brand is absolutely welcoming for them! By uniting women through beauty education, I envisioned a sisterhood sorority of people who all love the same thing: beauty! Once my mission was focused, we worked through the concepts of how to distribute my brand to the most people.

Did you develop your brand and product with a particular distribution channel in mind?

I knew that I wanted to utilize Facebook and Instagram to sell my products, due to the fast-paced nature of the social media world, their incredible shopping features, and my target audience! Knowing now that most millennial women do their shopping through social media ads, I was incredibly interested in marketing my own brand through that platform. I know the power that Instagram Influencers and Brand Ambassadors have on brand promotion, so I definitely intend to use that tool, too! However, I’m hoping to broaden to online distributors and more wholesale buying options to encourage more product development down the road.

How have you funded the launch of the brand?

I have a private investor who is committed to my mission as much as I am! I am dedicated to creating a brand that will unite women and create a community of empowerment and acceptance for all who join it. I believe in inspiring women to live a life of luxury, and to be unapologetic about who they are. We are working hard to financially and creatively support this brand from the beginning and through the long haul.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received during your journey of building your brand?

Don’t give up and stay focused and keep going. The journey won’t be an easy one, but with the right amount of dedication, hard work, and perseverance, I can create something special. I know I have to believe in myself more than anyone else if I’m ever going to motivate others to do the same!

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

In five years, Royal Luxx will be a household beauty name. The brand will have motivated others to launch their own business in the beauty world. Royal Luxx will change the lives of women so they can positively change others. I’m a firm believer in speaking your dreams into existence—I will always make my goals become a reality. I am intentional with my luxury beauty house project, and know in five years, it will be the Macy’s of the beauty world! I will have finally provided a platform for women to work together and be a part of a sisterhood that is more than just a community. That’s what the world needs more of, and that is the Royal Luxx mission.

What excites you about the future of the beauty/wellness industry?

Everything about beauty excites me! I love learning more about and working with all products, whether it be hair, skincare, or nails. I love seeing new products launch and being able to personally test them. I’m also equally excited about new people in the beauty world, and cultivating and creating more. Seeing motivating and inspiring people makes me wonder, “What can they come up with next?”

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