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Making waves in South Korea’s saturated cosmetic market is anything but easy, yet Stonebrick has managed to capture the hearts and Instagram feeds of young trend-savvy consumers. Launched by Emart, the hypermarket wing of South Korean retail conglomerate Shinsegae, the cosmetic brand consists of over 200 products packaged in a fun, modular, nostalgic LEGO-style design that allows users to stack and personalize product combinations.

The entire concept was created by Established based on the idea of allowing the customer to buy a personalized set of cosmetics in a playful, fun, and joyful way. But don’t let the Insta-friendly packaging fool you—it’s also grounded in practicality. According to Cosmetics Design Asia, the company conducted a survey and found that Korean women carry around two to six makeup items in their bag. Stonebrick helps consumers organize their products in a neat and organized way. The fully customizable makeup range consists of magnetic components that come together to create personalized palettes.

Stonebrick launched with a standalone store in Hongdae, located in the Hongik University area, which has created an experiential immersion into the color world of Stonebrick. The brand’s also at Boots COEX and LOB’s Itaewon, with plans to enter other multi-brand stores such as Olive & Young. For now the brand is only available in the Korean market.

Photo: via Stonebridge

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