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Unilever Foundry has entered into a pilot partnership with HelloAva, the tech-enabled beauty customization platform powered by a combination of smart learning, artificial intelligence, and human expertise to accelerate innovation and personalization in the haircare space.

“Hair is transformative; it is the crowning glory in beauty and extremely personal to consumers. All Things Hair, powered by Unilever, is an upbeat community of editors, stylists and influencers, united by their passion and expertise in hair that have come together to provide honest, diverse, inclusive and creative hair inspiration along with tips, hacks, products and know-how,” said Rishabh Gandhi, Head of Digital Transformation, Global Hair, Unilever.

He continued, “With our vision to become the ultimate hair companion for consumers, each of whom has unique hair needs, we are extremely excited about our partnership with HelloAva that allows us to leverage their cutting-edge technology and AI to provide personalised and ultimately useful hair care & styling solutions, including tailored products and regimen recommendations.”

HelloAva’s technology platform will be integrated into All Things Hair, Unilever’s hair-publishing brand which features 500-600 products across the Unilever portfolio creating first ever AI-powered personalized hair analyzer tool. After answering a series of questions and uploading a photo, consumers receive free personalized product recommendations. A retail plug-in allows products to be purchased directly through All Things Hair. Products are selected by an algorithm that will get smarter based on user feedback and improvements implemented through collaboration between hair experts and data scientists.

“Unilever has world leading R&D expertise in personal care products, and when combined with HelloAva’s unique personalisation engine powered by AI, it creates a win-win opportunity that enables consumers to achieve the best user experience finding personalised hair care and personal care product solutions without the noise, trials and errors. This is something neither of us could achieve independently. We are excited about this partnership and feel honoured to be working alongside Unilever, taking consumers to the future of personalized beauty that technology enables,” said Siqi Mou, HelloAva co-founder and CEO.

Unilever has addressed skincare personalization through the SkinSei monthly subscription service. The HelloAva partnership will allow them to accelerate their learning curve in the haircare and wider beauty space. Unilever’s strategy is to accelerate internal capabilities in the areas of AI and machine learning to build recommendation engines.

Photo: Alex Suprun via Unsplash

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