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Dr. Lili Fan reveals her passion—science and new technology—in her latest invention of Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Skincare. She is an experienced biochemist, microbiologist, and ophthalmologist who set out with a mission to address the complex needs of every woman throughout each stage of her life. Her SmartProbiotic technology has proven what’s good for the inside is even better for the outside. We spoke to Dr. Fan about why she believes smart is the new beauty.

What was the opportunity you saw in the marketplace that compelled you to launch a brand? 

The idea for putting probiotics in skincare follows a general focus of overall wellness. Women, myself included, continue to eat well, exercise regularly, and take care of ourselves and our families. It’s important for longevity. I believe that longevity can be increased as well as enhanced by using high-performance products that capitalize on one idea: good inside, better outside.

My team and I conducted extensive research and testing in order to harness the active elements of probiotics while discarding the inactive parts. This activity, combined with my patented stem-cell-stimulation (SCS™) and patented peptide therapies work to stimulate the skin’s immune system, repair natural defenses, help prevent collagen damage, and increase overall skin hydration. All of this adds up to one result: healthier, and younger-looking and acting and feeling skin.

Healthy inside is great, but healthy outside completes the package, and probiotics have been proven to transform skin at both the dermal and subdermal level for a healthy surface you can see.

What is the formulation philosophy behind your product? 

Our Probiotic Skincare combines our SmartProbiotic™ technology with my patented and proprietary peptide technology along with our Microbizome™ Bioactive delivery technology. It works synergistically with the probiotic, creating a great anti-aging product that really works. The probiotic we use is not from dairy. It’s from rice, so it’s non-allergenic. Virtually anyone can use it. And it’s a unique way to combine natural and high-performance together, for topical skincare. Our 3P (Probiotic, Peptides, Performance) system is the heart of this skincare line. The proof that it works is in the results, which also have the clinical and scientific data (DNA microarray data) to back it up.

Did you develop your brand and product with a particular distribution channel in mind?

We focus on women age 25 older who want to have natural and high-performance luxury anti-aging products with an unbeatable price.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received during your journey of building your brand?

Technology and high performance of the product is the key.

What’s your vision for the future of the brand?

After years of research and development, our approach to clinical skincare is simply creating functional products that give the desired results. I believe in formulas that are free of parabens, sulfates, glycols, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oils, and paraffins, and of course never tested on animals. The sole intention for the brand is to create safe, high-performance products with a purpose to serve all skin types with enhanced results while maintaining the health of the skin.

Our Probiotic skincare is the first professional line of anti-aging products formulated to harness the power of natural probiotics and botanicals to give you firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin

What excites you about the future of the beauty/wellness industry? 

Here is my dream work: Envision a world where your face cream is tailor-made for your DNA and natural enough  for your breakfast. Innovators from the worlds of tech and beauty are dreaming up these hyper-unique beauty products right now—the next generation of face cream and lipstick will be virtually unrecognizable. 

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