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Givaudan Active Beauty has been doing research in the microbiome field for 15 years, and they are breaking new ground releasing recent clinical data for two new ingredients—Yogurtene Balance and Vetivyne.

Mathias Fleury, Category Manager, Actives, said in a statement, “Skin microbiome is one of the fastest growing trends in the beauty industry as it is a major scientific new area. This is why we keep investigating new benefits from active ingredients and connect them to the consumers’ expectations. We are delighted to regularly bring our customers new possibilities grounded in solid science. Balancing the skin microbiota is essential to get a healthy and beautiful skin and protecting its composition is crucial. These new microbiome based rinse-off and leave-on applications will offer additional product development opportunities for our customers.”

A recent Givaudan Active Beauty’s worldwide study shows:

  • Consumers are familiar with the importance of the skin microbiome.
  • 69% are aware that there are microorganisms on the human skin and know that it’s important to maintain balance for skin health.
  • 70% identified microbiome-associated products to health and wellness benefits.

The Ingredients: 

Yogurtene Balance: an active rich in yogurt constituents and prebiotics supporting skin-friendly bacteria. Researchers discovered that this active ingredient helps to rejuvenate the skin microflora while improving skin hydration.

Vetivyne: an anti-aging active upcycled from vetiver roots. The results revealed that it avoids dysbiosis by preserving the “Actinobacteria” abundance, which typically decreases when the skin ages, therefore protecting the skin microbiome composition over time.

Photo: Joel Filipe via Unsplash 

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