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Nielsen released a consumer report that informs interest in cannabis beyond recreational use. Their answers provide insight into what the emerging categories we may see disrupting products sold through the drugstore channel.

Top responses from adults that would likely consume cannabis are all tied to ailment treatment:

  • Treatment of chronic pain (85%)
  • Improvement of mental health (82%)
  • Treatment of minor injuries (81%)
  • To aid sleep (77%)
  • Relaxation (74%)

Many consumers who are interested in legally consuming cannabis are ailment sufferers and would use it for the following ailments:

  • 40% headache/migraine
  • 40% of all arthritic
  • 41% of all back/neck

The top ailments that consumers would consider using cannabis as a treatment for:

  • Inability to fall asleep: 42%
  • Smoking cessation: 41%
  • Cancer pain: 37%
  • Back/neck pain: 35%
  • Arthritis pain: 35%
  • Headaches/migraines: 33%
  • General aches and pains: 32%
  • Feminine pain: 30%
  • Motion sickness: 28%

Through their alliance with Headset, Nielsen is enabling data-driven decision making by bringing visibility to a fast-growing market for key players in the drugstore channel and the US CPG industry at large.

Read the full article on Nielsen.

Photo: Esteban Lopez via Unsplash

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