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On the first floor of the New York Public Library lies a collection that has been an artistic hub of inspiration for over a century. The Picture Collection, located in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, holds over 1 million images from books, newspapers, and magazines. Visually, it’s a treasure trove.

Before the collection began, it was just a circulating reading room with manila folders. This was where Andy Warhol got inspiration for his “Coca-Cola” painting, and where “image-hungry artists, like Joseph Cornell, Walker Evans, and more recently, Taryn Simon, ” came to be inspired, according to Artsy.

The collection is organized by the dedicated librarians that work there. Images can range from 1920s perfume ads to Byzantine mosaics. So next time you’re looking for inspiration, get out from behind the computer and head over to the local library.

For the full story, visit Artsy.

Photo: @nypl via Instagram

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