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It’s a wrap. The beauty industry descended on Las Vegas for the 17th edition of Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), the largest B2B beauty exhibition in the Americas, where over 40,000 visitors engaged with 1,435 exhibitors representing 43 countries. While the scale of the show can be daunting, we buckled down looking for emerging trends and interesting brands, dropped into some classes, and spoke about Growth By Content during the Entrepreneur Academy.


The 2019 Cosmotrends Report was curated in collaboration with Beautystreams, the global beauty trend forecasting agency, showcasing key trends among exhibitors. Beauty with a conscience is a key driver for innovation today. From zero-waste practices to ethical ingredient sourcing and clean formulations, brands know that consumers are seeking to live ever more mindfully, while still delighting in the user experience. If eco-living is the price of entry for brands today, holistic innovations across multiple touch points will be the key differentiators.

1. Blue-Green Algae: Blue-green algae, also known as blue algae and spirulina, is stepping into the limelight as a stalwart defender against air pollution and environmental aggressors, at a time when urban populations continue to grow worldwide, and toxicity reaches critical levels. Blue-green algae contains a rich blend of amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants that protect against daily interaction with pollutants, including blue light and nitrogen dioxide (found in car exhausts and power plant emissions).

2. Viva Vegan: Conscious beauty is founded upon intention—making ethical beauty choices with every product purchase. A key part of this movement is vegan beauty. This once-niche market of cruelty-free, nontoxic products is made without any animal byproducts, such as lanolin, honey, beeswax, and gelatin. Consumers are gravitating towards vegan products in a range of categories, even if they themselves are not vegan, because they consider vegan to be “cleaner.”

3. Smart Adaptogens: Used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, adaptogens are plant-based substances that, as the term implies, help the body “adapt” to specific needs by normalizing the adrenal system and fine-tuning energy levels. Adaptogens boost the body during periods of low energy and have a calming effect during moments of stress. At a time when consumers’ interest in natural solutions and remedies is stronger than ever, adaptogens are flexing their shapeshifting might.

4. Going Zero Waste: The zero-waste lifestyle aims to send nothing to a landfill—an ambitious mission and one that inspires a growing number of consumers to reduce what they consume, reuse, recycle, and compost. As consumers pay more attention to their impact on the planet, brands are responding by reducing their packaging, repurposing wherever possible, offering refillable options, finding innovative ways to transform waste into a valuable commodity, and even dispensing with packaging altogether.


Joban Beauty Coverant: The market is flooded with clean deodorant options. Coverant takes nontoxic deodorants a step further by addressing underarm discoloration issues, from dark spots to large pores to darkening that multicultural women suffer from. Coverant is available in three shades (light, medium, and dark) to suit any skin tone with a transfer-resistant, water-resistant and sweatproof formula that is also vegan, and made without aluminum or parabens and features a natural fragrance.

Easy Powder: Korean innovation continues. Manufacturing puffs for almost 60 years, puff supplier Easy Powder has evolved the cushion compact with a patented technology that fills puffs with powder or liquid formulas called Easy Powder and puffs with a silicone cover call My Tok Powder.

Paso A Paso: Don’t let the name fool you—it may mean “step by step” in Spanish but this brand is J-Beauty at its best, with science-driven formulations with a laser-like focus on sensorial experiences. The assortment addresses inner and outer beauty with supplements, skincare, and hair care. The hero product of the line is Cusha Soft Wash, made with deep sea mud from the Okinawa Islands, EGF, hyaluronic acid, rice bran extract, amino acids, and polypeptides, that whips into the most luxurious lather you have ever experienced.

La Luer: Takes six of the most effective skincare technologies and developed four specific treatments designed to address a multitude of skin concerns, integrating everything into one small, compact device.  The technology contained in the device delivers photo facials using red, blue, and green LED lights, sonic toning using ultrasound, micro currents, radio frequency, ion infusion, and sonic vibration.

AO Skincare: Harvard-trained pathologist and dermatologist Dr. Mark Gray has applied the Hippocratic Oath to skincare, creating nontoxic formulations developed using instigative expertise that questions standard skincare practices. AO uses adaptive ingredients and cold processed formulas that rethink the way you moisturize. Dr. Gray treats skin as a responsive organ that adapts and evolves. His approach makes skin healthy and strong, so it can protect and defend itself naturally.

DrGL: A portfolio of brands founded by a renowned Singaporean interested in skincare and wellness Dr. Georgia Lee. The brand is rooted in dermatology heritage and the knowledge of skin experts, aesthetics doctors, pharmacist, advanced aesthetics professionals, and professional beauticians  This knowledge and experience has resulted in DrGL, a consumer retail brand; DrSPA, a range for professionals including proprietary treatments; and DrHAIR regenerative hair products and treatments.

Yope: Launched with the vision of a universal brand that is friendly for people, the home, and the environment, from skincare and personal care for the entire family to household cleaning products and home fragrance. Formulations are “naturally unusual” and contain more than 90% natural ingredients.

D’Alchemy: This Polish export is a holistic skincare brand inspired by medieval alchemists and committed to advancing discoveries in earth-friendly science. The exquisitely packaged line leverages the power of plant-derived ingredients from sustainable sources.

Mark your calendar—the 18th edition of Cosmoprof North America will be held June 30-July 2, 2020.

Photo: via Cosmoprof

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