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As beauty products get cleaner, we see trends from the food category inspiring or dovetailing with beauty innovation. Food shoppers are becoming much more aware of not just the quality of food they buy, but how it’s produced, packaged, and transported to stores. Over the past year, Springwise has identified seven of the most innovative sustainable solutions in the food industry.

  1. A Belgian supermarket reduces the carbon footprint of fresh produce by growing produce on its roof and having it on their shelves one hour after its picked.
  2. Startup uses blockchain to transparently track food products to provide real-time data on food safety and delivery.
  3. An urban farm uses QR codes on packaging to provide consumers the opportunity to learn about the history of the herbs they are consuming.
  4. The use of food waste as an edible coating on fresh produce helps increase food security while reducing agricultural waste.
  5. A Swedish university has created new technology that converts wastewater from seafood processing into a protein source.
  6. A student project developed a range of food products and packaging that educates on the nutritional benefits of lichen.
  7. Pinto, a new start-up app, creates personalized labels with nutritional breakdowns by simply scanning packaging.

Read the full story on Springwise.

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