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The Innovation Group at JWT Intelligence partnered with Snapchat on a new report examining the creative habits, influence, and expectations of Generation Z. This generation is currently between ages 13 to 22 years old and already are monetizing their creative outputs and defining a new era of influence and creative communication. 

Meet Gen Z:

  • 51% feel that they are more creative than previous generations.
  • 55% say that they find social apps and the internet a more creative space than what they experience offline.
  • 56% use social apps to express themselves creatively.
  • Asked how they spend their free time offline, 77% select at least one creative activity, such as drawing, illustrating, journaling, or playing an instrument.
  • Among Gen Zers, 27% have hacked or adapted an app or website’s features to do something that isn’t typically available, such as using separate apps to add sound, video, imagery, or music.

Download the full Into Z Future report here.

Photo: via The Innovation Group Report

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