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Cleaning up the beauty business is going to take the entire industry working together towards a common goal of innovating new solutions to tackle plastic pollution and reduce waste. We all know the numbers, and they’re frightening. As an industry, we need to evolve the current model from single-use plastic to solutions aimed at zero waste that generate a positive impact on the world.

Natura, as part of the Natura & Co Group, together with The Body Shop and Aesop, is the biggest cosmetics and personal hygiene company with B Corp System certification. They have ambitious goals for the generation of economic, environmental, and social results but believe in the power of relationships and networks to effect change. No one entity has all the answers. Change requires tapping into collective potential.

Natura Product Innovation Director Daniel Gonzaga said, “We are currently economizing the equivalent of the trash produced daily by 4.4 million people, but we want to go much further.”

It in this spirit that Natura is launching a global challenge to eliminate packaging waste. The company is calling anyone from around the world—companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, research institutions, universities, researchers, students, and Natura’s 1.7 million Beauty Consultants—to find new solutions to plastic pollution and reduce waste. Natura is looking for solutions that have already undergone a development stage, be it in applied research, validation, or scaling from new packaging materials, to logistics and business models that enable waste reduction and create a positive impact.

Leading by example, Natura has already effected change:

  • Per year Natura saves the equivalent of the trash produced daily by 4.4 million people.
  • Natura reuses 665 tons of plastic in their cosmetics packs per year.
  • Every year, 22 million 1-liter PET bottles are no longer thrown out.
  • Natura was the first to adopt recycled glass in Brazil.
  • Every year they avoid the disposal of the equivalent of 1.1 million 1-liter glass bottles.

The deadline is 11/30/2109 and Natura will respond to all submissions by 01/03/2020. Find out the details on the challenge or enter your submission.

Photo: via Natura

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