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While this is the time everyone is looking forward, I think it’s equally important to look back to provide context for the future; so in that vein, here’s a quick synopsis of the six beauty and wellness trends from The 2019 Facebook IQ Topics and Trends report.

  1. K-Beauty
  2. Beauty Goes Green
  3. Selfie Selling
  4. “It” Ingredients in Action
  5. Productivity Hacks
  6. Wellness as a Luxury Good

The third year of the Facebook IQ Topics and Trend Report goes global for 2020 covering four regions—Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America—and 14 countries within them. The trends have been surfaced from what people are talking about on Facebook and by exploring conversation topics that have gained momentum on Facebook from 2018 to 2019. These topics reveal key developments in people’s attitudes, expectations, and behaviors. Below you’ll find a beauty and wellness edit.

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