BeautyMatter compiles the only report providing a comprehensive overview of deal activity in the beauty and wellness ecosystem, supported unique insights, trends, and analysis. We’ve put in the time, heavy lifting, and due diligence on all the activity for 2020 you.

Investors: if you’re an active or interested investor in the space we’ve compiled the most comprehensive reporting of activating across the beauty and wellness ecosystem.

Brands: If you are in fundraising mode or contemplating an exit looking for a list of investors active in the space, we’ve got you covered.

In The Report: 

  • 438-pages covering 283 deals across the beauty and wellness ecosystem
  • Just the numbers, facts and charts for 2020
  • Tracking trends and looking back at our 2019 predictions
  • Decoding the Chinese impact on global beauty
  • Deal flow and talk on the street
  • A look forward to 2021 from Synchronicity Ventures
  • Expert insight on the state of the industry
  • SEO insight report from machine intelligence platform Spate
  • Tribe Dynamics’ social media trends
  • New players in the beauty and  investment landscape
  • Recaps and details of 283 individual transactions
  • Easy-to-reference charts including transactions by category with high-level details and financial players involved
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