As the industry regained its footing after pandemic-induced lows in April, transaction activity gained momentum through Q3. Deal-making picked up while the adoption of trends and technology is happening at breakneck speed, some traditional and pragmatic trends have surfaced in the investment landscape. This crisis served as an instant and exaggerated reminder of what can happen when things go south. As with past economic downturns, the beauty category for the most part is proving to be resilient. Consumer behavior and preferences may have changed, but they remain engaged and the brands that are meeting them where they are at this moment are experiencing growth.

Beauty Deals: Capital Raises and M&A Transactions Q3 2020:

  • 122-pages covering 79 deals across the beauty and wellness landscape
  • Expert insight on the state of the industry
  • SEO trend report from machine intelligence platform Spate
  • Tribe Dynamics’ analysis of EMV on key deals
  • Recaps and details of 79 individual transactions
  • Easy-to-reference charts including transactions by category with high-level details and financial players involved
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