Once illegal and somewhat niche cannabis CBD is operating within a patchwork of regulations that vary by cities and states. Some retailers and brand are playing by the apparent rules while others are testing the limits determining the reward is worth the risk. This gold rush mentality has created a fast-growing global industry disrupting categories from food and beverage, beauty and wellness to banking and security.

Any market that is growing at a rate of 700%  is ripe with opportunity to make money but history also repeats itself. As with the gold rush there will be fortunes made and fortunes lost on cannabis. Make sure you are on the right side of the equation with a complete understanding of the plant. It’s time to get Cannabis 101. BeautyMatter partnered with Colleen Quinn Consultancy to tap into her deep knowledge of the evolving cannabis landscape to help shed some light Cannabis.

Cannabis 101:

  • The difference between hemp and marijuana.
  • A comprehensive dive into the botany of the cannabis plant and the difference in chemovars.
  • Understanding a cannabinoid from a terpene and getting.
  • Get a grip on the complexity of the end cannabinoid system.
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