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New and amazing beauty products flood the market daily. But did you know that, sadly, only 1 in 10 will prove successful? And even fewer will enjoy a long shelf or TV life? Beauty entrepreneur Stacey Schieffelin, founder of ybf (Your Best Friend), has launched thousands of products and has suffered a few not-so-perfect product launches along the way. Successes are great—but it’s the failures we get the best training from. These are the ten questions Stacey and her team always ask before a launching a product.

  1. Does it have unique features?
  2. Does it have mass appeal?
  3. Does it solve a problem?
  4. Is there a powerful offer with a supportive cost of goods?
  5. Can you easily explain how it works?
  6. Is there a magical transformation or demo?
  7. Is it multifunctional?
  8. Is it credible?
  9. Are there testimonials?
  10. Are there proven results?

If you answered YES to all 10 of these questions, you’ve got yourself a product that’s so solid you won’t even need a celebrity endorser to make it fly into the hands of shoppers. No one is a more powerful spokesperson than the person who developed the product from concept to completion—it is your baby, and that passion is contagious!

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