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Founded in 2016 but informed by 25 years of experience. In four short years, BeautyMatter has made its mark, gaining a global following becoming one of the most influential voices covering beauty. An essential resource for insiders filling the void, connecting the dots, and providing a perspective that is informed, analytical, and has a compelling point of view. We curate, cultivate, and create content that informs and inspires those creating the future.

The rules of engagement have changed and success requires a lens that is cross-vertical and looks beyond the obvious confines of the industry. As a group of brand builders and operators we don’t cover the news, we understand how to provide crucial context, making information and data actionable. Our future-focused insights and actionable solutions enable bold decision-making and business impact. We help leaders stay connected and informed in a constantly changing world.

We know what makes the market tick, love to explore limits and blur boundaries. We believe real connection happens organically and everything we do is aimed at creating value for our community.


We are always looking to complement our editorial effort with contributors around the globe to create compelling content. Please introduce yourself and share your experience.

We welcome press releases, story pitches and news tips related to the beauty and wellness industry. Please make sure they are relevant to what we cover.

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Advertising & Sponsorship

We believe in high-touch, content, and experiential-based programs that build a bridge between your business and our community. For partners, advertisers, and clients BeautyMatter tackles programs and advisory projects with the belief that everything matters, all the little things add up and content is a powerful tool. The content we’ve created and programs we deployed have put brands on the radar, shifted narratives, and achieved strategic business objectives.

Interested? Reach out to request our media kit and learn about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Consulting Services

A disruptive force to the traditional consulting model.

Every business needs an injection of energy or a fresh set of eyes from time to time. Individually and collectively, the BeautyMatter team has created a profound impact on a broad swath of the beauty landscape informing strategies and execution from brand and business strategy, product and concept development to marketing and distribution planning, and everything in between.

Just getting going: We’ve been in your shoes and understand the realities of launching and scaling brands.

Businesses at full scale: If you want powerful ideas from creative outsiders no one has their pulse on the industry quite like we do.

Investment and due diligence: Whether you are a brand or an investor we provide pre and post-investment expertise informed by decades of experience in the category.

Inspiration and research: We develop purpose-built presentations that are equal parts right and left brain thinking that inspire and inform.

We partner with business leaders and entrepreneurs to envision and create opportunities, chart strategic pathways, guide responsible decision making and deliver real results.

All our advisory work is independent from the editorial arm and completely confidential.

Like the way we think? Drop us a line and let’s chat.

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