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8 Greens is an ingestible brand that has seen 400% annual sales growth built from a hero product of effervescent tablets filled with greens Americans typically push off their plates. The brand received an undisclosed investment from Prelude Growth Partners with Neda Daneshzadeh and Alicia Sontag joining the board.

“We decided a year ago that we were getting to the limits of what raw entrepreneurship could do and to the point where we wanted to partner with an organization that had done this before and could help us build a great company and not just a great product,” 8Greens co-founder Lord James Russell, son of the 14th Duke of Bedford and founder Dawn Russell’s husband, told Beauty Independent. “A big part of why we chose Prelude is it has a real appetite for founder collaboration and support. We didn’t just want a board meeting every month. We wanted hands-on involvement in our business.”

“Dawn and Jamie are genuine founders who care first and foremost about delivering exceptional products. In a crowded, confusing market, 8Greens differentiator is its authentic simplicity: in format, ingredients, messaging and purpose,” Sontag said in a statement. “The brand has already attracted a devoted consumer base, and we are proud to be partnering with Dawn and Jamie to support their strategic vision going forward.”

This is the company’s first equity financing from an external investment partner since the brand launched three years ago The investment will be used to support and accelerate 8Greens’ growth and product expansion strategy.

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