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French professional beauty brand Jean d’Estrées has been acquired by Chinese e-commerce distributor Golong.

WHO: Founded in 1915, Jean D’Estrées is a niche cosmetics player that develops and markets beauty products for the professional markets in France and abroad, under the brand name Jean d’Estrées. Internationally, it is distributed through an active network of distributors and is sold in both the beautician and retail channels depending on the country.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “This is a new milestone for Jean d’Estrées,” general manager of Jean d’Estrées, Jérôme Dubarry, said about the buyout. “With the support of the Golong Group, we will be able to exploit many development opportunities in France and abroad.”


  • Jean d’Estrées has been acquired by Chinese e-commerce distributor Golong (formerly Gaolang).
  • The Chinese e-commerce distributor will become the sole shareholder.
  • Jean d’Estrées is available in 540 sales locations in France and relies on a network of qualified professionals and a dedicated sales team.
  • The company has a global presence in 25 countries, with 2,000 sales locations, through distribution partners.
  • Verlinvest invested in Jean D’Estrées in 2001 and sold the business to the Israeli cosmetic group Pharma Cosmetics in 2014.
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