Why we’re here

BeautyMatter was born from Founder Kelly Kovack’s desire to provide a fresh voice to a beauty industry hungry for more content from her perspective, and through her lens.

Our aim is to fill the void, connect the dots, and provide an informed, analytical, and compelling point of view. We love to explore limits and blur boundaries, offering highly curated news and original content by thought leaders and beauty insiders.

Contributing to BeautyMatter

BeautyMatter is always looking for contributors around the world to create compelling content. Please introduce yourself with story pitches, ideas, and writing samples. We also welcome press releases related to the beauty industry.

Advertising & Sponsorship

We partner with advertisers and sponsors whose content and offerings are of interest to the BeautyMatter community through tailored opportunities on our website and in emails. We do not publish in exchange for payment, nor do we create “advertorial” content or paid stories/posts.

Media Inquiries

Founder and editor Kelly Kovack and members of the BeautyMatter team are available for:

Media interviews in online and offline press

Speaking engagements and panel moderation

Thought leadership and opinion pieces

Consulting Services

Like the way we think? Just drop us a line below. We are full service consultancy offering deep expertise in branding, marketing and technology.

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