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Celebrating the Art of Hair and Makeup

July 26, 2021 BeautyMatter
July 26, 2021
IBI Awards

The International Beauty Industry Awards (IBI) enable the beauty artistry of immensely talented professionals to be uncovered and celebrated in an oversaturated industry. Founded in 2018 by award-winning makeup artist Dianna Hampton, one of Destination Beauty's first YouTube content creators and founder and artistic director of a thriving commercial photography studio known for defying conventional beauty industry standards. Through her work, Dianna continually redefines what it means to find—and ultimately embrace—an approach to beauty that elevates diversity in order to create an even more beautiful and most importantly, authentically represented world.

Dianna says, "The IBI Awards are focused purely on the talent of Beauty Artisans, not the products you use, the location you create or the humans you create on. IBI's goal is to give beauty artisans an international platform to be recognized, offer an inclusive outlet for opportunity, and cultivate a global community of discovery and inspiration."

The IBI Awards were founded on the belief that inclusivity and accessibility matter, with 50 categories ranging from avant-garde to everyday to celebrate an industry as multifaceted as its artisans.

In contrast to traditional hair and makeup competitions, IBI Awards candidates are judged blindly, ensuring all artists are on an unbiased playing field. The independent Judging Council is made up of international industry experts who do not have access to any identifying information, such as names, clientele, number of followers, sponsorships, backgrounds, or the candidate's country of origin.


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