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Credo Beauty COO Annie Jackson’s Tips for Retail Success

Published August 25, 2021
Published August 25, 2021
Annie Jackson

As​​ co-founder of the world’s largest clean beauty retailer, Annie Jackson knows a thing or two about recipes for success. She has also held positions such as Executive Director of Marketing at Estée Lauder and Director of Merchandising at Sephora, giving her insight from indie to mass industry level.

Credo Beauty isn't simply an e-commerce site, but rather one of the largest spearheads of the clean beauty movement, establishing formulation and packaging guidelines which have rippled through the industry-at-large in pursuit of a more sustainable and informed future. Its Dirty List contains more than 2,700 ingredients, and the retailer requires documentation of ingredient sources, stability and safety testing, fragrance disclosure, and proof of product claims from its brand partners — an unparalleled standard. "When we started Credo in 2015, we set out to change the beauty industry by leading the way, and by being transparent and candid," Jackson told BeautyMatter earlier this year. Since the niche category’s recent rise to superstardom, the space has undoubtedly become more competitive.

“To not lose touch with reality, and our customers’ fast-evolving needs and interests, it’s all about listening, testing and adjusting,” she tells BeautyMatter. On the subject of guidance, and amidst the release of Credo’s 2021 Cohort list, we asked the COO for her top tips for staying ahead of the game and establishing yourself in the online space, and beyond.

Keys to Successful Retailer & Brand Collaborations

  • Newness: Plan ahead! Always keep your retailer in the loop months before new launches to build a solid and impactful cross-channel launch plan together.
  • Exclusives: Give one of your retailers a head start on a new product launch and team up to bring it to the next level. Amplify marketing and messaging over a short period of time, drive brand awareness, create excitement, and eventually boost sales.
  • Marketing programs: Stay top of mind throughout the year by working on a feature cadence in between launches. That includes rewards, special promos like flash gifts and multi-branded gifts, local activations, and more. The goal is to keep brand awareness strong for loyal customers, and encourage discovery and/or repurchase.

Top Focuses to Ensure Product Sell-Through

  • Overcommunicate! About your NPD pipeline and marketing focus on your own channel, in order to build successful launch strategies and find messaging synergies.
  • Plan ahead! Invest in deluxe/mini sizes for your retailers’ marketing programs to drive brand awareness, qualified trials, and prompt reviews, as well as full-size purchases.
  • Content is king! Ask your retailer what kind of content works on their channels and plan on shooting accordingly.
  • Be proactive and stay top of mind! Inquire about existing programs and check in regularly to get involved. Find a cadence to pulse throughout the year.

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