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Norwest Makes Majority Investment in Face Reality Skincare

Published September 21, 2022
Published September 21, 2022
Face Reality

The San Francisco-based investment firm Norwest Venture Partners made a majority investment in Face Reality Skincare.

WHO: Face Reality was founded in 2005 by aesthetician Laura Cooksey and Patrick Romani. The company has a clinic in San Francisco with products and protocols personalized based on each client's acne type and severity, and skin type. The brand also works with 3,000 licensed aestheticians across the US who receive training and become certified in the company's methodology for treating acne.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "Our partnership with Norwest allows us to increase support of our current channels, especially for our estheticians, and at the same time, continue to deliver the innovative new products our customers have come to love," said Jeremy Soine, CEO of Face Reality since 2020. "Our team has worked hard to provide life-changing skin care products to people with acne, and we are excited to partner with Sonya and the team at Norwest as we continue our journey."

"Face Reality's highly personalized, protocol-based approach sets them apart from others in the industry," said Sonya Brown, General Partner at Norwest. "Face Reality has experienced tremendous growth over the last two years, expanding its community of estheticians and tripling its revenue. We look forward to supporting Jeremy and the team as they continue to expand and serve more customers."

"With Jeremy as CEO since 2020, we've been able to bring my vision of successfully partnering with estheticians and empowering our community to life. Jeremy and his team taking this next step with Norwest gives me great confidence and optimism in what lies ahead for Face Reality," said Cooksey.

EMV: Face Reality Skincare’s $682.6K EMV Q3 haul represented respective 101% and 229% QoQ and year-over-year gains. The personalized, adaptive acne brand saw progress across all key community metrics, boasting impressive QoQ results in potency ($4.5K EMV per creator, 69% growth), community size (152 creators, 19% growth), and content volume (472 posts, 21% growth). Most of this momentum stemmed from increased activity among Face Reality Skincare’s consistent fans: creators who mentioned the brand in both Q2 and Q3 more than doubled their contributions QoQ, rising from $249.8K to $523.1K EMV. Leading the charge were Face Reality Skincare’s top three earners—Savanna Boda (@thedallasaesthetician on Instagram), Iskra Lawrence (@iskra), and Blair Imani (@blairimani)—who delivered respective 376%, 408%, and 1.4K% QoQ changes. All three advocates promoted the brand’s skin solutions, with Iskra serving as the signature “face” of the brand by sharing her personal acne story on Face Reality Skincare’s website


  • Norwest Venture Partners made a majority investment in Face Reality Skincare.
  • As part of the terms of the investment, Sonya Brown, Norwest General Partner and co-Head of the firm's Equity Growth team, will join the board. She brings two decades of investment experience that includes partnering with leadership teams to build successful skincare businesses such as Maelys and PCA Skin.

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