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United with Ukraine: Beauty Brands Offering Aid

May 10, 2022
May 10, 2022
Anastasiia Krutota via Unsplash

Since the beginning of the devastating conflict in Ukraine, several beauty brands have come together to offer aid and support to those affected. From employment programs to purchase refunds, here are the brands going the extra mile and paving the way for the rest of the industry.


Every spring, Lush begins to create its Christmas range productions. Around 500-600 new employees are taken on board during this time. This year, Lush is in talks with The Refugee Council to hire refugees from Ukraine, offering them the best start possible. The company has stated that they intend to work specifically with The Refugee Council to learn the most important and helpful opportunities to put into place as employers, sharing various opportunities with refugees through their business. A spokesperson for Lush commented, "The recruitment team plans to support those going through an interview process as much as possible, paying close attention to how roles are advertised and making it quicker, more accessible." The brand has also added that it will be happy to help with relocations for workers and career coaching, interview skills, and CV building, even for refugees who do not intend to apply for a position in house. 

CONTENT Beauty & Wellbeing 

Organic beauty and conscious clothing retailer CONTENT Beauty & Wellbeing aims to improve the planet in any way they can. On International Women's Day, the brand donated to UN Women and DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal at the Red Cross to offer aid to Ukrainians. This provided immediate help to those suffering as a consequence of the conflict. The brand is also refunding 100% of purchases made this year by Ukrainian customers. This has been offered in the hopes of giving direct financial support. Brand founder Imelda Burke commented on the choice, stating, "In light of our Ukrainian customers being targeted, it is important for us to find a way to direct money to them, and we encourage other businesses to do the same."

L'Oréal Groupe

With 326 Ukrainian employees across their global company, the L'Oréal Groupe is helping to support staff and their families through this difficult time. The company aims to help employees who are still in Ukraine with financial support and psychological help and support for those who have managed to flee. The group commented, "Our teams on the ground in neighboring countries are personally welcoming our Ukrainian colleagues who cross the border, and we are supporting them with accommodation, psychological, medical, financial and legal support." The company has also donated $250K’s worth of essential care and hygiene products to those in Ukraine, with ongoing fundraising and additional support for the foreseeable future. 

International Flavors & Fragrances

New York-based company International Flavors & Fragrances has taken action to support their 50 workers who reside in Ukraine. The company has confirmed that many of their employees have managed to flee the conflict in Kyiv and either moved into neighboring Poland or the Ukrainian countryside. To offer support, IFF has paid their employees’ salaries early and provided two months' salary in advance by direct deposit. The company also ensures to connect with its employees daily. A statement by the IFF read, "We strongly condemn Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. IFF unequivocally stands with the Ukrainian people and is committed to supporting those most affected by this war. We are also making a combined donation of $350,000 to World Central Kitchen and Save the Children to help provide food and medical assistance to Ukrainian refugees."

35 Thousand

Skincare brand 35 Thousand reached out to the people of Ukraine, sending over letters of comfort and inspiration to keep spirits as lifted as possible during this dark time. The team also sent over essentials such as phone chargers to refugees residing in Poland. This was done via Motivated Minds, a nonprofit “community interest company” who wants to help those at their most vulnerable during times of crisis. Motivated minds send over a range of products to refugees in need, from camping equipment to toiletries and easy-to-preserve food. In a statement, Motivated Minds commented, “The strength and kindness of people across the world has been inspiring, no more so that of the Ukrainian people and those in direct support of their cause. Therefore, we want to support those in direct need. We have an army of volunteers, ready to take donations, organize, and arrange transport.”

Estée Lauder Companies

Estée Lauder Companies are continuing to support their Ukrainian employees across their 26 brands by providing sustainable aid. The steps being taken include compensating all employees, maintaining regular communication, and offering relocation assistance for those most in need of support. As well as this, the Estée Lauder Charitable Foundation has contributed $1 million in support relief donations and is providing products from all of its brands to those displaced from their homes. The company is also offering to match donations made by employees, stating, “ELC Good Works, our employee charitable matching gifts program, will double match eligible employee donations to various disaster relief nonprofits year-round, including organizations already active in Ukraine and in neighboring countries.”


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