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Britain’s Beauty Boss with Millie Kendall O.B.E., Founder and CEO of British Beauty Council

It's a Matter Of...Hard Work

August 9, 2022
August 9, 2022
James Giddins via Unsplash

Knowledge has the power to transform the world, but it requires action to make change happen. The desire to have a positive impact is a noble concept, and it's within all of our reach, we just need to choose to do so. However, some people have the ability to affect change on a grand scale. These people are often a force of nature. Unchangeable, unstoppable, unforgettable. This week's guest embodies all these qualities. Kelly Kovack  sits down with Millie Kendall, the CEO and Founder of the British Beauty Council. Millie shares how she has made it her mission to show the power of the beauty industry, to change lives and transform Britain's economic and social fabric.