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Finding The Future with Martin Raymond, Co-Founder of The Future Laboratory

It's a Matter Of...Foresight

August 2, 2022
August 2, 2022
The Future Laboratory

Being prepared for what's around the corner is the key to building a resilient business. The internet has unleashed the democratization of information, and social media has shifted the power of influence, upending the access to trends, and making them move faster than ever. Trend forecasting is scientific, but it can also be uncertain. Futurists identify signs, signifiers and clues as to how the future may look. This week, Kelly Kovack is joined by one of the world's leading futurists: Martin Raymond, the Co-Founder of the Future Laboratory. Martin is a renowned thinker whose ideas can challenge the status quo, and shed light upon emerging behaviors that drive seismic shifts for brands and consumers alike.