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Looking Back To Create The Future with Margarita Arriagada, Founder and CEO of Valdé Beauty

It's a Matter Of...Homage

August 16, 2022
August 16, 2022
Valde Beauty

In a world obsessed with newer, faster, cheaper - history, going slow, and creating something with intrinsic value that can withstand the test of time, has been lost. Perhaps this perspective can  truly only be understood by those of us who remember a time when we weren't all tethered to technology. There are brand founders in our midst, walking the line of creating businesses on the traditional fundamentals of building luxury brands, while embracing the philosophy of Web 3. Margarita Arriagada is one of these rare founders.This week she sits down with Kelly Kovack to discuss how she leveraged decades of beauty experience to build Valade, a luxury beauty brand that seamlessly navigates the traditional beauty landscape while pioneering the Metaverse.