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Making Beauty Better with Victor Casale, Co-founder and CEO, MOB Beauty; Co-founder and Chairman, Pure Culture Beauty; Co-founder and President, Pact Collective

It's A Matter Of...Commitment

October 25, 2022
October 25, 2022
Pure Culture Beauty

Indie beauty is a breeding ground for generations of innovators who color outside the lines.While often considered a trend that has gained momentum in the rise of social media, these brands have always been around. They're an integral part of the beauty business cycle.

For example, MAC Cosmetics launched in 1984 with a new perspective on beauty, and it grew from an Indie, into an iconic global brand. This week's guest, Victor Casale, was at ground zero for MAC's inception, as a chief chemist, and he has never stopped innovating or raising the bar with his brands. He joins Kelly Kovack and they discuss how the businesses he has launched, like Mob Beauty, Pure Culture Beauty and Pact Collective, have all made beauty better.