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The Fragrance Power Duo with Christopher Yu and Laurent Delafon, Co-Founders, Managing Director and CEO, United Perfumes

It's A Matter Of...Wonder

October 4, 2022
October 4, 2022
United Perfumes

The tension between creativity and commerce is probably as old as humanity. There's no other beauty category where striking this balance is often at odds, than fragrance. At its core, perfumery is a profession with its soul grounded in creative processes. Yet the category is big business, and dominated by beauty conglomerates and licensing deals that turn out crowd pleasing scents for the masses. However, on the other end of this spectrum lies the passionate and growing tribe of niche fragrance houses, led by the art and love of perfumery. This week, Kelly Kovack sits down with Christopher Yu and Laurent Delafon, the Founders of United Perfumes and Ostens. They discuss how they've used passion and partnership to build a successful company in the business of fine smells and olfactory dreams.