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The Trend Maker with Charlotte Knight, Founder and CEO of Ciaté London, Lottie London, Skin Proud

It's a Matter Of...Diversification

July 11, 2022
July 11, 2022
Ciaté London

Right time, right place, right idea. Sometimes the stars align and a startup experiences meteoric success. Some are one hit supernovas that burn brilliantly until they implode while others use the momentum to build the foundation of a viable business. Replicating this type of success is often elusive, but there are some visionary founders who have an innate ability to time trends and fuel growth. Charlotte Knight is such a founder. She sits down with Kelly Kovack to discuss how she has replicated this formula, not once, but three times and stands at the helm of three global beauty forces, Ciate London, Lottie London, and Skin Proud.