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Turning Innovation Into Reality with Brandon Ford, Chief Accelerator Director, Lubrizol Life Science

It's A Matter Of...Transformation

August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022
Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

Being the agent for change inside a large organization is not for the faint of heart. The concept of innovation has been a corporate talking point for years, but the framework to harness disruptive thinking and visionary goals have yet to truly be established. Innovation should be as dynamic as the forces that make it necessary in order to remain competitive now and into the future. When teams begin to think differently, traditional ways of operating become a thing of the past. Innovation may not be easy to affect in a $7.5 billion business, but this week's guest has done just that. Kelly Kovack is joined by Brandon Ford, the Chief Accelerator Director of Lubrizol Life Science. They discuss how the confluence of skills that Brandon has mastered through his enigmatic career as a nurse, lawyer, wine educator and team master have set him up for success.