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Beauty Deals: Investment + M&A Transactions Q2 2020


As the quarter came to an end, we saw the confluence of the operational and cash-flow issues of the pandemic merge with the questioning of values and diversity of beauty and wellness businesses as the Black Lives Matter movement took hold. But, through all of the chaos, the crisis may help to create pockets of opportunity for smart companies and savvy investors and acquirers. While this crisis is different in its uncertainty, we can look back to the financial crisis of 2008 for an indication of investment and M&A activity. “You can only stay sitting in the lobby waiting for the rain to stop for so long. If you move too quickly, you get wet and if you wait too long, all the [good opportunities] will be gone,” Brian Salsberg, Global Buy and Integrate Leader at EY, said during the Financial Times’ Global Boardroom digital conference.

Beauty Deals: Capital Raises and M&A Transactions Q2 2020:

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