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Designing Formulas that Support Water Wellness


January 19, 2023
January 19, 2023
Water is a precious resource. We all agree, right? Freshwater makes up just 3% of the global water supply. Notable water shortages brought on by climate change occur every year. Poor municipal water management affects developed and developing nations. Why aren’t we talking more about Water Wellness? From ubiquity in products to consumer use habits to ingredients washed down our drains, beauty products’ impact on water wellness is broad reaching. In this session, we’ll discuss ways that we can protect water wellness in 2023 and beyond: How we use water 1. The solid formats trend 2. Anhydrous inspirations 3. The future of consumer routines What we put in our water 1. The criticality of biodegradable 2. Novel ingredients that respect aquatic life 3. The silicone aesthetic without silicones