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Ditching the Dupes: Protecting Beauty Brands from Counterfeits


July 20, 2023
July 20, 2023
Counterfeiting continues to blemish the cosmetics industry as fake products now make up over 10% of the beauty market. The sale of fake products leaves legitimate cosmetics businesses to handle customers’ complaints, tarnishing their reputations and taking a major hit to their bottom lines. Consumers themselves risk using replica products that are ineffective or even dangerous to their health. All the while, bad actors continually refine their own strategies to sell illegal cosmetics faster, having learned to dodge listing-focused takedowns. It’s now up to real cosmetics businesses to rejuvenate their brand protection strategies by integrating AI automation, targeting the real sellers behind the counterfeits, and staying ahead of bad actors. In this webinar, we'll discuss the landscape of counterfeiting in the cosmetics industry and re-view what steps brands are taking to successfully protect themselves today. This webinar is presented in partnership with Marqvision, an intellectual property (IP) platform that helps global brands remove counterfeits from online marketplaces and enables creators and innovators to create, manage, protect and monetize IP – all in one place.