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Evolving Customer Service into Conversational Commerce


April 15, 2021
April 15, 2021
With glimmers of pre-pandemic life appearing on the horizon, one thing is here to stay - customer expectations around a robust digital dialogue with their favorite brands. Be it a simple customer service question, navigating product assortment or asking advice, customers expect that when they reach out via a website, SMS, email or on social that they’re having a seamless, personalized experience. Technology platforms like Gorgias enable brands, both large and small, to create unique moments of connection for their customers and the reward for brands that do it well is higher conversion, higher average tickets and sales growth. Join us for a discussion with Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, CEO of Kindra, Christine Sawtelle, Director of Customer Care at Supergoop and Nicole Baqai, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Gorgias to hear about the innovative ways brands are turning customer service into conversational commerce and using it to drive growth. During this event we’ll discuss: - How Kindra and Supergoop are using creative customer engagement opportunities to build community and drive growth - How tech platforms like Gorgias enable brands both large and small to build seamless, multichannel customer service experiences - How to integrate customer experience throughout the organization and inform everything from marketing to product development This event is sponsored by Gorgias, a leading commerce helpdesk platform that turns customer service into a profit and growth center. All event participants will be eligible for a free month of access to the Gorgias platform.