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Exploring Fundraising During Volatile Times


November 10, 2022
November 10, 2022
There's an old adage in investing that the best returns generally follow the most volatile times. But, with a sharp decline in beauty deal activity during the third quarter, one might wonder if investors are beginning to question that wisdom. Brands and investors, alike, are trying to make sense of the state of the economy, inflation, rising input costs, interest rates, and consumer sentiment. And, yet, despite the turmoil, some brands continue to pique investor interest and attract capital. We'll explore the current fundraising environment with a well-rounded panel of experts who will share their knowledge from the perspective of two recently funded brands, a Wall Street dealmaker and a formulation and manufacturing growth partner This webinar event is sponsored by Atelier by Voyant Beauty. Uniquely positioned as a formulation and manufacturing growth partner, the Atelier by Voyant Beauty service model was created by inputs from the fastest growth indie disruptors in the market today, and fine-tuned by the investors who are funding them. Atelier’s frictionless approach to development and scale-up alleviates the most common priority pain points with foresight, scale, and capabilities.