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Taste The Difference: Guided Tasting Of Beauty’s Superstar Ingredient - Collagen


November 15, 2022
November 15, 2022
The modern beauty standard has evolved from grasping for elusive "fountain of youth" perfection to one of optimizing skin health. This shift has mainstreamed the concept of inside-out beauty and given rise to nutricosmetics. Among the many raw materials that show potential as beauty supplements, collagen is the superstar ingredient, with broad-based benefits ranging from hair and skin nutrition to anti-aging and nail strengthening. According to SPINS, collagen ingredient sales in the US mainstream supplement market grew 56% in 2021, reaching $241 million, with collagen ranking number 23 on the list of 25 best-selling functional ingredients. Collagen products have become staples in beauty aisles everywhere, from Costco, Sephora, and Target to Urban Outfitters. Taste is the first and most important competitive and differentiation factor in liquid nutricosmetics. Finding a proper balance between product functionality and palatability is vital. Tosla has developed a proprietary masking technology, Velious, to achieve maximum palatability creating liquid collagen products without the common unpleasant aftertaste.  The Event: Tosla has created a virtual collagen tasting that will guide you through visual representation, smell, texture, and palatability of various collagen products. You will walk away from this tasting with a better understanding of what blurs the line between cosmetics and ingestibles. The Prep:  - We will send you a kit in the mail prior to the tasting - You will need to be prepared with 3 empty glasses, 2 glasses with water, and a spoon to mix - Avoid drinking and eating two hours before the tasting, avoid lipstick and perfumes, or anything that could influence your taste and smell The Details:  - The number or tasting kits is limited - Deadline to enter is 11/1/22