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The Hidden 98%: Strategies for Designing Sustainable Products


October 12, 2021
October 12, 2021
Functional ingredients are the hidden “98%” of all products. They are the ingredients that enable a product designer to meet their goals & fulfill their requirements like, retailer compliance, natural certifications, positive environmental impact, and delighting consumers. We know they are critical to achieving this but they are often forgotten because they aren’t telling the story on pack. Our mission is to educate readers on how to explore the value these ingredients bring in achieving their goals. We'll Tackle: - Sustainable claims & greenwashing - Transparency, certifications & retailer compliance - Understanding sustainability tradeoffs with green chemistry - How responsible, plant-based ingredients can build stories - Meeting performance requirements Presenters: - Lisa Gandolfi, Ph.D., Vice President Marketing INOLEX - Audrey Wesson, Strategic Marketing Associate and Sustainability Lead, INOLEX