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Just as sure as the past is over, the future is coming. And though there will be those who fight what it comes to bring, complain about the changes it will bring to the world, and wish it weren’t so, mark my words, the future IS coming. To try to change that is to try to capture the ocean in a thimble. Impossible. At least, in the current world we know.

Here is what we know. Everything will be disrupted. What is here now, will no longer be, and 90% of the businesses that are now functioning and functioning well will no longer be here. We are entering a time where for the first moment ever in the history of the human species, we will not be the smartest being alive. This is already happening. But in the course of the next 10 years, the smart phone we hold in our pocket, the one that we purchase for $1,000, will have the capacity to think at 10 to the 16th power. For most of us this is an incomprehensible number, until we are told that that is the capacity of the human mind. In 10 years, we will buy a brilliant human mind and carry it in our pocket or on a disc that’s inserted into our bodies. The knowledge at our fingertips will be unknown to anyone who has ever come before. And imagine this: in 25 years, that same smart phone, for that same $1,000, will now have the capacity of not only one human mind but 8 billion human minds, and all of that will be accessible to us.

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