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It was 2006. I was twelve. My body was changing and, thanks to an obsessive consumption of CosmoGirl and Seventeen magazines, I was just beginning to learn how to hate my curves, stretch marks, and cellulite. Dove had just released an ad called Evolution as a part of its Real Beauty campaign in 2006. It went viral, offering a one minute twenty second peek into the model and advertising world. The video began with a woman, sitting down, facing the camera. She is very beautiful, but not “magazine beautiful.” Her skin has some “flaws,” she’s not wearing makeup, and her hair is not perfectly blown out. Then the video begins fast-forwarding. We see her change before our eyes as makeup and hair product is applied. Pictures are taken. She looks stunning. But then, Photoshop comes in. A mouse adjusts her neck here, her lips there, her eyes nose, and jaw, resulting in a completely different woman from the beginning of the ad. The screen reads “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.”

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