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March 26, 2021
March 26, 2021
via KWW Fragrance Combine

This week sees Target press repeat on its DTC playbook, collaborating with Care/of to bring the personalized supplement brand to retail, and Avon tackle hormonal health and the effects of menopause with the launch of Adapt. The Kardashian clan keeps the launches flowing with a fragrance collaboration, Kendall x KKW. LOLI Beauty expands its zero-waste message to Ulta with innovative retail packaging, Pure Culture Beauty launches an acne range, and Symbiome launches a reparative serum.

Care/of x Target: The personalized DTC wellness brand that Bayer acquired a 70% stake in, valuing the business at $225 million, is making its first foray into the retail market with a new vitamin linse at Target. The new line includes three multivitamins (Multivitamin for Women, Multivitamin for Men, and Prenatal) and five benefit-led blends (Sleep, Immunity, Relaxation, Energy, and Focus). The range was created based on insights learned from the six million people who have taken Care/of’s quiz over the past four years. The mix-and-match system makes it easy for Target shoppers to build a custom vitamin routine based on what’s most important to them.

Adapt: Avon created the brand to specifically support women through the hormonal effects of perimenopause and menopause, informed by 20 years of research. The range harnesses the power of adaptogens to support the skin’s natural ability to deal with stress and help women manage fluctuations in their skin, as well as the neurological benefits of scent to help calm and sleep, a common issue for menopausal women. In the first week of launch the brands said they sold one product every 90 seconds.

Direct-To-Consumer Launches

Pure Culture Beauty: The personalized skincare start-up uses its Skin Profile Analysis Test and At-Home Skin Test to collect bacteria on users’ skin that provides insight into consumers’ skin barrier and skin condition, which informs the formulation of the personalized and holistic skincare regimen. The formulas are targeted to enhance the individual’s skin microbiome. Following its launch last fall, the brand has expanded its offering with a new range to target acne and oily skin.

Symbiome: The sustainable and science-backed skincare range with supercharged, clean, organic, sustainable, and traceable ingredients—minimum formulation for maximum efficacy has a new launch. The latest product is The Answer Reparative Serum, a blend of six intentional ingredients. A powerful concentration of 50% Conditioned Stem Cell Media containing natural regenerative peptides, exosomes, and growth factors to enhance collagen production and stimulate skin. Available on the brand’s website for $200.

Premium Launches

Charlotte Tilbury: Throughout her 28-year career, Charlotte has perfected the signature supermodel brow. The Supermodel Brow Collection features the launch of Brow Cheat ($25 and refill $15) and Brow Fix ($23), as well as an improved version of Brow Lift ($30 and refill $15) and Legendary Brows ($22.50). Charlotte has created next-generation brow innovation to easily fill, feather, and fix any brow. Brow Cheat and Brow List will also now offer refills for a fraction of the price.

LOLI Beauty: The zero-waste beauty pioneer moves to retail with a rollout in 360 Ulta doors and launches a new product Arnica Elderberry Jelly Organic All Day Maskne + Spot Rescue. The first zero-waste, waterless, alcohol-free acne treatment is made of a clean mix of elderberry, witch hazel, palm oil–free glycerin, and arnica. The product is packaged in a mushroom tray and wrapped in upcycled hemp fiber paper making it 100 percent worm food. Priced at $28 and available at Ulta.

Formula 10.0.6: The fourth-generation family-owned brand is building on the success of its So Totally Clean franchise with the launch of Skin So Clear, an assortment of must-have products for acne-prone skin. Another new launch expands on its Well Aging Collection with three new Vitamin E-boosted products that nourish and calm while encouraging well aging. All the acne products are under $10 with the new Well Aging priced at $15, available exclusively at Ulta.

KKW Fragrance: Kim Kardashian West’s fragrance brand dropped its first collaboration with younger sister Kendall Jenner. The launch consists of a trio of scents—Amber, Olive, and Blue Roan—said to be inspired by Jenner’s love of nature and horseback riding. Kendall x KKW Fragrance will launch on the brand’s website and retail at $40 each or $110 for the trio.

Launches at Mass

Cantu: Following the launch of the Açai Berry collection and Raw Blends body care collection last month, the brand is tackling Type 4C hair with its latest launch Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). Cantu wanted to ensure wash day could be simplified by providing a set of products that can ease styling coily tresses formulated with JBCO and shea butter. The four-product range starts at $5.97 and is available at Walmart.


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