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2021 Week 29: Beauty Product and Brand Launches of Note

July 24, 2021
July 24, 2021

This week reinforces the strength of the skincare category and, more specifically, skincare based on science and clinical substantiation of claims, raising the bar on efficacy and validation.

IDEO: The skincare brand was inspired by the breakthrough research of Dr. John Blass, MD, PhD, who dedicated more than 30 years of his career to Alzheimer's research with an exquisitely simple approach: helping cells remember. His discovery of RMA (resveratrol, malate, and antioxidants) changed the landscape of neurological research by crossing the almost impenetrable blood-brain barrier to help brain cells regenerate their capacity to function. On a cellular level, skin tissue shares many of the same properties as brain tissue. Skin aging is characterized by wrinkling, loss of elasticity, laxity, and a rough-textured appearance, while in brain aging, metabolism slows down, oxidation proceeds unchecked, and DNA mitochondrial mutation multiplies. As aging occurs, it's as if cells forget how to function, whether in the brain or the skin cells; the Krebs cycle slows down, leading to an increase in free radicals.

Using similar tools applied to neurological aging, IDEO's Skin Memory Serum employs a patented, topical form of RMA in its proprietary RMA Complex, used to target the Krebs cycle of metabolism, a critical point of the process when chemical reactions are effectively processed. The product acts as a reprogammer, helping cells regain their youth memory, relearn youthful behavior, and resolve their underlying age issues in the process—all in an elegantly formulated serum that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Available at Shen Beauty and priced at $175.

Rozuri by Maya: By blending old-world traditions with category-defining innovations, strict sourcing protocols, and powerfully concentrated formulas, Rozuri brings new advancements to natural skincare. They lead with integrity, honesty, and transparency. Products are sustainably sourced and wild harvested in Africa and manufactured in France with scientifically backed active ingredients. An extension of "Zuri," graceful and beautiful in Swahili, and "Maya," the force by which the universe is manifested, the brand empowers multigenerational women in their community. An ode to old-world traditions of wellness, undertaken with the mediums of new-world scientific advancements. Every product developed is a symbolic extension of community and those working behind the scenes, bringing meaning to every use. The brand's first product, the Anti-Aging Super Oil, is an all-natural cold-pressed super oil priced at $89.

Category Launch

Dollar General: The retailer is expanding its private-label Believe Beauty, which was launched in 2019 into skincare with 11 products priced at $5 or less that are vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, triclosan, or animal products.

<p>Apostrophe - Screen</p>
<p>Dermalogica - Daily Glycolic Cleanser</p>
<p>Cocofloss - Sustainable Toothbrush</p>

Product Launches

Apostrophe: Known for its cosmetically elegant feel prescription topicals, the newest launch is its first OTC product. Screen is a hybrid sunscreen containing organic and inorganic filters that provide SPF 43 broad-spectrum protection in a lightweight, fragrance-free, derm-approved formula designed for acne-prone skin. The product is priced at $27.

Dermalogica: Daily Glycolic Cleanser harnesses powerful Glycolic Acid to keep dullness at bay. The Glycolic Acid unglues dead skin cells, rinsing dullness down the drain to reveal brighter-looking skin. Skin-smoothing conditioners help preserve the skin's barrier, ensuring luminous, healthy skin after each wash. Priced at $35.

Cocofloss: The latest launch is an ultra-cleansing, sustainable toothbrush made out of recycled ocean-bound plastic to go with its cult floss, thoughtfully designed by dentist Dr. Chrystle Cu and her artist sister, Cat Cu. Priced at $10 each or $38 for a set of four.


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